The Power of an Image

In the business world, a singular image can be an incredibly powerful tool. Engaging imagery can draw in an audience just as effectively as a bad picture can repulse them. A well-timed picture can speak volumes about any given company – be it a behind-the-scenes photo of a store, a collection of photos from a recent event, or a tease of a new product coming down the pipeline. The applications for a great shot are nearly endless, and ultimately come down to the creativity and ingenuity of a particular brand or company. In this blog, we seek to explore some of the ways that images can be used on social media and your website, to promote your company and engage your audience on a personal level.

A Broad Vision

As we alluded to in the first paragraph, the strength and variability of the pictures you use are only limited by your own imagination. Take for example, a fun corporate event that your executive team participates in. Pictures from that event can be used to showcase a lighter side of your business, a side not usually seen by the customer. The images that you distribute, both on your website and shared through social media, can be used as a vessel – an opportunity to grant customers insight into the human side of your company. This is all in an attempt to engender a sense of comfortability and familiarity with your business. In essence, the more your customers recognize you as a tangible entity, the more likely they are to like you, and in turn buy from you!

How It’s Made

Another popular way pictures can be used in social media is to provide consumers with a facet of your business they would not normally be privy to. This would include things such as a “how-it’s-made” vignette. While this kind of behind the curtain perspective could be captured on video, it’s just as effective in a compilation of pictures. Ultimately, you are creating a comprehensive look into how you do what you do best.

This Just In

When you are on the brink of releasing a new product, use the anticipation as your ally. Post pictures of your product, but only slowly. In this way, you build excitement, and intrigue swells. The goal here should be to keep your audience always wanting more. Be careful not to begin your revelation too soon, as you risk boring your audience and losing their interest entirely.

Wish You Were Here

The beauty of high resolution pictures of an event is that you can give customers a taste of what happened – even if they were not able to attend. When you share this on social media, it increases the chances that more people will attend your events in the future. Give your social media audience something to talk about, and provide them with a host of images to ramp up their excitement for your next big party.

A Social Media Marketing Expert in Newport Beach, CA

Anyone who works in developing in content recognizes the inherent power of a visual. All of the best written text in the world cannot make up for a picture that is perfectly framed and smartly timed. Obvious beneficiaries of attractive photos are retail businesses, both online and traditional brick & mortar companies. However, businesses of all industries can take advantage of quality photography: how yours chooses to accomplish this is up to you. At eMarketing Solutions, helping our clients get the most out of their website and social media presence is at the core of what we do best. Visit us online today to learn more about how we can produce positive results for your company and discover what makes us social media marketing experts!