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The age of the internet is alive and well. For some of us, this is great news, either because your business is tailor-made for an online store, or your services mesh well with social media and shareable content comes to you easily. But for the rest of us, producing content on a consistent basis that attracts customers is a struggle. The popularity of social media in the world today is a wild, almost untamable animal – as evidenced by the great dress color divide of two weeks ago. (That narrative has a new chapter, by the way: What color is the dress lives on) But if you can harness the tools that social media provides, and use the social media channels to boost your business, you can begin to see a healthy ROI.

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This brings us to the main thrust of this blog: how to make better content. We’re not simply talking about a well-choreographed video that makes the rounds on the web, or even a celebrity-laden picture that blows up on social media. We are talking about concentrated, thought-out content that draws traffic to your website, and increases your brand awareness in a steady, measured fashion.
First and foremost: Know your audience. Take the time to research, find out who your target demographic is, and then determine what it is they need to live a better life. Once that has been established, and you know the problem they face, you want to produce content that caters directly to them. The posts one company makes to market to single mothers are undoubtedly going to be drastically different than a clever meme that appeals to younger generations.

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Share content that has legitimate substance. Sure, we all love a good cat video every now and then, but posts that will truly resonate with your potential customer base will also include informative content that enriches their understanding. Inform your audience, attract them with studies and new information that can change the way they make purchases, and ultimately: keep them engrossed. A good barometer for success concerns your relevancy to the customer – make better content to make your website a necessary stop for your clientele. Keep in mind that the goal of social media is to generate interest and intrigue in your product, and that this strategy will eventually pay dividends in the form of more sales.

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Build a lasting relationship. Large corporations have entire teams dedicated to establishing a narrative that they can stick to over time. You are marketing your brand, marketing yourself, and you should also focus on creating content that causes another action. Whether this means asking your potential customers to call you or visit your website is up to you. However, by establishing yourself and your longevity, customers are more apt to be drawn to you.

Online Advertising Newport Beach

If you are looking to grow your online presence, and do so in more ways than just your website. At E Marketing Solutions we can help take your company to the heights of success in the social media world. All that’s left is your cooperation. Join us, and get started on the path to better business.