SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your website for search engines simply means your website can easily be found in a “natural” or “organic” (un-paid) search. In order for your website and business to survive, people must be able to find your website amongst the countless others.

All major search engines show search results ranked on what is considered most relevant and useful to users. Payment is not involved in primary search results. The ads that can be seen on the very top of certain search results are paid for and have nothing to do with SEO.

So, how do you “do” SEO?

Search engines are like the librarians of the internet. They know what is on every web page and they know how the pages relate to each other. However, if you don’t provide the search engine with the information it requires, your site will not show up in search results.

On page SEO - There are essentially two forms of SEO. On page optimization ensures search engines can scan your website for relevant content to a search and display a preview of that content for users to read. On page SEO includes making sure you have original and quality content, title tags, internal linking, a hierarchical URL structure and more.Understanding the Basics

Off page SEO - Off page optimization is done to show Google your business is an industry leader and a trusted website. Basically, off page SEO gets other websites to tell search engines that your website is the place to be.

Because Google owns about 70 percent of the search engine market share, most SEO is directed towards Google’s search algorithm. An algorithm is essentially a search engine’s “recipe.” In order for your site to rank high, you must ensure your site provides the search engines with the “ingredients” it needs (on page and off page SEO). While the results on different search engines, such as Yahoo or Bing, are usually similar, the algorithm is not exactly the same for each search engine so the rankings can vary.

The higher your ranking is in search results, the more people you will get discovering and visiting your website. A whopping 75 percent of search engine users never go past the first page of results, so a high ranking is essential for businesses.

The algorithms for Google and other search engines are constantly being changed and updated. At eMarketing Solutions, we keep up with the most recent SEO changes and trends and we adapt our clients’ SEO as needed. We aim to get you more clicks, more sales and more business. If you have SEO questions or are in need of professional SEO help, give us a call or schedule your free consultation today.